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Understanding our own “dashboard indicator lights” is paramount.

We have all been there… In our car driving along per usual, when an indicator light on our dashboard beckons. Does the indicator signify routine maintenance? Does it signify merely a minor notice? Perhaps it signifies a warning of an impending problem with the engine?

If we are fortunate, we will have a trusted mechanic to whom we can turn. Upon their inspection they will dutifully reveal the cause for the indicator light on our dashboard. 

Great mechanics have a respect and a regard for all things mechanical. They love equally how things work and how they can fix them.

After an introspective interview with Robin Smith, of 9-Point Coaching, there is one takeaway term that persists - “mechanic.” As a great mechanic tenaciously attempts to fix a squeaky wheel, so does Robin when it comes to you and your potential. 

Imagine, if you will, we all had a dashboard, and we could easily know when to take a little better care of ourselves. This is the essence of personal coaching. The personal coach is that dashboard indicator light in human form, steadfastly beckoning us to take a break, try a different path, or perhaps simply refocus.

Robin initially appears as someone who may have never set foot in a garage. Make no mistake, this soft-spoken and gentle soul holds a special regard for the great machines, including roller coasters and airplanes. Having worked on classic cars, she possesses an earnest and dogged passion for making things work. This passion is only superseded by her appreciation for how they work. 

Robin further reveals how she devoted time to helping undereducated adults learn to read. Also, while spending some of her early working years in a factory, Robin often consulted with its leadership on improving their processes in manufacturing. During this stage was when Robin’s strength in optimizing and improving procedures flourished. 

Sensing a trend here? Restoring a car… teaching adults to read… improving a manufacturing process… These all derive her significant purpose - making things work better.

Appreciation and passion should always go hand-in-hand, and so it goes with Robin. In order to pursue what is under your own hood, there must be an understanding of how we work. With certifications in Law of Attraction and in Human Design, Robin very purposefully diagnoses her clients. 

Pursuing these two studies provides an incomparable method for self-diagnosis. Couple Robin’s accredited understanding & knowledge with her enduring purpose, and you have quite the ideal personal coach.  

What makes Robin’s skill set especially valuable is her ability to share with people of all ages. Whether you are early in your career, or approaching the sunset of your career, or somewhere in the middle, Robin’s unique prowess will assuredly serve you impactfully. 

Robin gratefully admits the life coaching vocation was a most fitting career destiny. She keenly understands the significance of empowerment & encouragement throughout one’s life. Liberating one’s potential is paramount to Robin. 

Perhaps the greatest challenge of them all is the improvement in the human process. What we view of ourselves and of our reality is the most significant diagnosis, after all.

The need for refocusing, coming to peace, finding strength, or persevering may occur at any point in our lives. Try as we might to drive solo through the twists & turns, a solid navigator is often valued. 

WGSJR, 5/4/18